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Toyota Tundra Goes Apocalyptic!

If you want prepare for the end of the world, or just don’t like your neighbors, you could do worse than start by getting one of these. The Devolro Diablo is a Toyota Tundra that’s been given the apocalypse treatment, including a 7-inch lift, "tank-like armor" bumpers and 520 hp supercharged V8. Read more: reading

Used Car Sales on Pace for BEST March since 2002!

CNW Research is predicting the used-vehicle industry to produce its best March sales total since 2002. The firm indicated the industry is likely to sell 2.95 million units this month, sparked by nearly a 15-percent gain year-over-year by franchised dealers. Independent dealers should fare nicely this month, too, according to CNW. Independents are projected to … Continue reading

Jeff Gordon “Test Drive” Prank – Salesman Soils Pants!

Polaris introducing flat-proof “airless” tires

All-terrain vehicle riders, the pain will soon be over. For years, pneumatic tires — the kind you fill with air — have been a burr in the side of the ATV industry. Even on short excursions over rocky terrain a popped tire is not unexpected, and they often occur far from home. Now, off-road vehicle … Continue reading