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How Does ABS New Buyer Shield Program Work With The Existing Inspection Guarantee Program?

Tony Wilcox explains in this brief video:

Introducing…ABS Buyer Shield

Buyer Shield is brought to you exclusively by ABSuto Auctions. It is an unprecedented type of vehicle coverage that you will not find at any other auction across the United States, providing protection for both our dealers and the ultimate retail consumer…all at NO additional charge.​ For more information, visit us at…

Driver Catches Golf Ball in Car Going 120 mph! Wow! Driver Catches Golf Ball in Car Going 120 mph. Tiger’s never made a shot like this!


UNPRECEDENTED – ABS Auto Auctions is proud to announce the all-new, unprecedented Buyer Shield program. No other auto auction in the country provides a program as advanced, unique and beneficial to its dealer body and their customers. Look for more details on the all new Buyer Shield program COMING SOON!