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ABS Proudly Announces the new Magic Box Digital Marketing Tool…

ABS now offers the new “Magic Box” – the most powerful and effective digital marketing tool on the market.  Utilizing advanced dynamic algorithm technology this tool posts the maximum amount of your used vehicle inventory possible on Craigslist intelligently to maximize leads and by keeping your vehicles from being “ghosted” (visible only from your terminal, but NOT to other Craigslist viewers) and protecting your IP address from being blocked by Craigslist.

It is not only an amazing tool to help increase sales, but also incredibly effective for helping locate valuable wholesale purchases based on your dealership’s inventory needs.  Also posts your inventory automatically to your dealership’s Facebook page and your Twitter feed.

For more information, CLICK HERE!

For a personal demonstration of our “Magic Box” Craigslist Posting tool, contact us…

Toll Free (800) 378-0227, ext 200  or…

Email our Marketing Director at:

About absautoauctions

The country's largest "sealed-bid" auto auction with locations in Southern and Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas.


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